Though you might not know this, a tinted window provides protection to your family and your property.  

If the windows of your house are tinted, you are lowering heating from the sun by around 85%. Keep in mind that not every tinted window works the same. Various forms of tinted glass window film lower various levels of heat.  

Residential window tinting Chattanooga also provides other amazing benefits. Here is a couple of them: 

Prevent Fading to Your Fabric and Furniture 

It can be expensive to furnish your house to your satisfaction. Fabrics, such as upholstery, can fade over time. This is particularly true if it’s under direct sunlight. It isn’t always possible or practical to keep upholstery out of sunlight whenever you’re in your house.  

To help lower the effect of the sun on your furniture, installing window tinting can help. Continuous and direct sunlight can cause sun bleaching. This is a process in which the pigments in your furniture and fabrics to fade.  

Most of these harmful rays will be reflected and absorb by tinted glass windows. Aside from looking better, your furniture will also last longer. Aside from bleaching, UV rays can cause deterioration of the threads. You can prevent both impacts if you tint your windows.  

Better for Your Health 

Tinted windows allow less harmful rays. Harmful rays, such as UV radiation, can cause skin cancer. There are a couple of various forms of UV rays that are greatly lowered by window tinting.  

Every person will experience UV rays. It’s one of the main reasons why people get sunburns. Though you probably aren’t getting a sunburn while sitting in a window, it can still harm you. 

High energy radiation can damage the DNA of your cells. Whenever this happens, your cells will replicate improperly. You can lower the effects of these harmful rays if you have tinted glass windows.  

Stops Bugs and Birds from Flying into Your Windows 

Birds are known for flying into windows. If you’ve got clear windows, birds will probably hit more often. This happens since birds aren’t able to see the clear window. If this happens, they might damage the window itself. You can prevent this from happening if you’ve got a tinted glass window.  

Energy savings 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, UV rays are reflected by tinted windows. This means that they are also blocking heat during the summer months. Furthermore, it can also lower the amount of heat that is lost during the cold months. This can mean a lot of savings in your energy bills, depending on where you’re located.  

In a lot of homes, windows take up around 25% of the wall space. During the cold months, huge amounts of heat are lost. The cold air outside pulls out the heat. Because of this, your heating system will have to work hard to heat your home.  

If you’ve got tinted windows, you can prevent this from happening since you are installing another layer of protection. With this, you will save money in your energy bill in both winter and summer.